Crypto Geeks Wallet Recovery

Recover your crypto wallet within 1-2 weeks (In most cases).

Welcome to the Crypto Geeks Wallet Recovery website

The Crypto Geeks team consists of long time Crypto Enthusiasts from The Netherlands

Cryptogeeks can help you recover or restore your crypto wallets in case you have lost access. Our crypto geeks are always happy to assist! We specialize in wallets from Bitcoin, Ethereum (And ERC20 tokens), Litecoin, Ripple (XRP) and many other common tokens. 

Cryptogeeks are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our team consist of crypto enthousiasts with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We have built crypto miners, programmed on our own blockchains and invested in the industry. We are also crypto and crypto wallet users.

Great & efficient team, handled the whole process professionally from beginning to end. It took about 3 weeks, but I am very happy as it was truly a life-changing amount, I have recovered. I have 100% confidence in these guys.


Early Adopter

I have absolute faith in John and his team. I have worked with John for over 25 years in the software branch. After I lost access to my BTC wallet, I didn't hesitate to contact him.


Amateur investor

We were lucky to find Crypto Geeks, as I had lost the password to my Doge wallet. I had mined some Doge for fun in 2015. Didn't make proper backups, as the coins were practically worthless at the time. Thank god I learned of their services.



The services we are able to provide

Recovering your crypto wallet password

Recovering your crypto wallet seed

Restoring access to your crypto wallet

Decrypting your wallet file

Recover Your Crypto Wallet Within 1-2 Weeks (In Most Cases).​

Leave us a message if you'd like to restore access to your wallet

Crypto Wallet Decryption service

Which wallets do we support for decryption?

Hardware wallets: Trezor and Ledger

Software Wallets:

  • Armory
  • Bitcoin Client
  • ​
  • And many others (Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple (XRP), Litecoin… and so on.

How does it work?

Step by step

Step 1. Send us a contract message and email explaining your problem

Step 2. We will make a quick check to confirm if we can help you or if we believe you can restore access to your wallet yourself.

Step 3. If we can assist you, we will send you a contract proposal. After you accept and provide us with the wallet file and other input. We will attempt to recover your wallet. within 1-2 weeks. Of course it depends on the difficulty and factors such as the strength of your password.

Step 4. After you accept and provide us with the wallet file and other input. We will attempt to recover your wallet within 1-2 weeks. Of course it depends on the difficulty and factors such as the strength of your password.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How long will it take?
It might take us several working days, or a much longer time. This depends on different factors such as:

Do you have any idea what your password more or less might be?
The wallet type, some wallets allow us to operate our hardware at high speeds with enterprise hardware. Some wallets are relatively slow to unlock, this has to do with the encryption standards.

2. How do I know I can trust you guys with my details?
First, we are not anonymous, we are proud of who we are and what we do. For more information about us, you can also see our about page.

Secondly. We are crypto veterans and at the risk of sounding arrogant, we are already successful. Long term success is only possible if you have a long term outlook in business. We have successfully opened wallets for clients worth sums of over $1 million USD, and wallets of over 100 Bitcoin worth. 

And we believe that providing excellent services and being both honest and transparent will result in more long term value, both for us and for our clients. We also believe satisfied clients and a good reputation are the best marketing for a business. 

You are, of course always welcome for a cup of coffee or tea in our office in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

3. Is it possible you don’t succeed?
Yes, although we have a success rate of over 80%. It depends on many factors if we are able to unlock your wallet. Some of these factors are beyond our control

  • What is the wallet type? Some wallets allow for faster password or seed guessing, and so our hardware can perform more operations per second.
  • Some passwords are extremely long and complicated, and it might even be that attempting to recover such passwords can take millennia (even with the world’s fastest computers).

4. Will you ever give up on attempting to open the wallet?
Well, that depends on the estimations and if we believe the wallet is recoverable at all. In general, we do not believe in quiting. 

5. How are you able to recover my wallet? 
We have a combination of the right skill set, experience, customized professional software, databases of wallet passwords and a large amount of the right hardware to our disposal. In our office, we have a server room full of dedicated enterprise level hardware. We have invested in the right hardware for the job.

6. What security precautions do you take?

  • We have a very strict internal security policy, as well as audit logs
  • We perform most of the work on air-gapped dedicated offline computers (operating on a very secure Linux environment)
  • We do not keep any sensitive client data on online computers (computers connected to the internet)
  • Our computers are fully encrypted
  • Sensitive data can be shared with us by certified courier, PGP encrypted communications, encrypted files or through a secure portal

    Kindly read our blog for safety tips and tricks.