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Since 2018 we have assisted many early adopters, traders, miners and investors with recovering their crypto wallets. Some wallets of over $1 million USD value, and 100+ Bitcoin wallets. 

Our advantages

  • Our fees start at only 10% (wallets more than $50.000), 15% for wallet sizes below $50.000.
  • Our team has over 10 years of experience in the crypto markets
  • We have a success rate of over 80% to successfully recover a wallet within 2 weeks. (We can of course let our hardware run for long periods of time.)
  • Our team consists of crypto and tech industry geeks with a passion for helping others
  • We donate a part of the earnings to organizations that ensure internet security, privacy and protection. Such as (www.eff.org) Electronic Frontier Foundation, Bits for freedom, The Bitcoin Foundation, and more.
  • We are setting up full Bitcoin nodes to help the Bitcoin network
Crypto Geeks Wallet Recovery

Meet the Crypto Geeks team


John is a Dutch Software Veteran with over 35 years of programming experience. He built and ran his own software company (Silicomp Software) for 35 years, which he sold in 2019. John has a passion for code and can be found programming and debugging at nearly any hour of the day. 



Melvin is an early crypto adopter, miner, investor and trader. Active in the crypto industry since 2013. Since 2017 Melvin has been involved in Angel Investing and Venture Capital. Melvin is a serial entrepreneur that has founded various successful firms in different industries over the last decade. 

Melvin’s objective is to help the crypto movement achieve a decentralized and fair financial system. Melvin has a passion for helping others and is a strong advocate for internet privacy, civil rights and cryptocurrency. 

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