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Locked out of your crypto wallet?

Crypto has risen tremendously in value. Being locked out is unfortunately all too common. It is estimated that up to 30% of all cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) has been lost. That has in a big part to do with the fact that Bitcoin had very little value in the past. However, other issues such as forgotten wallet passwords, corrupt wallet files, getting a new computer or phone are common causes as well.

Our services

* We can assist with implementing: Multisig, Security Policy, View Only Wallets, Cold Storage, Paper Wallets and Hardware Wallets. 
** Unfortunately, crypto does not have many proper policies in place for dealing with estate planning, what to do if a wallet owned is deceased? See our article on this (here). It is also possible that you have a legal dispute, or that the exchange is not willing to cooperate. They might be in breach of conduct.

Crypto Geeks Wallet Recovery

FAQ Common cases

  1. Can you help unlock my Blockchain.com / Blockchain.info wallet?
    To access funds on Blockchain.com, you need to have the Wallet Identifier and password, or the backup phrase. If you need help recovering the password, we can help you.

    If you have the 12 word backup phrase, you can simply go to Blockchain.com, click on ”need help” and find the recovery options. 

  2. I accidentally sent Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash Wallet (Or BCH to a BTC wallet). Can you recover this for me?
    That depends on the wallet you have sent it to. If you have the private key, we can help you recover the funds.

  3. I accidentally sent Ethereum tokens to a Binance Smart Chain contract, or similar issue. 
    We can recover your funds in certain cases. If you have the private key of the destination wallet, we can probably help.

    In case you have sent the funds to an exchange such as Binance.com, you need to contact the customer support of Binance. 

  4. I have a dispute with an exchange, can you help?
    We work closely together with legal professionals, if you require legal assistance in case an exchange is not cooperating with recovering your wallet, we might be able to help.
  5. I have the words to my seed, but I don’t know the correct order / I know most of my seed except for a few words, can you help?
    Most likely, yes!

  6. I have a corrupt wallet.dat file, can you help?
    Most likely, yes!

  7. I forgot my password, can you help?
    In many cases, we can successfully recover a password. To date, our success rate is around 80%. It depends on password strength, wallet type, encryption and the information you can provide us.

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