Wallet Recovery Services

Locked out of your crypto wallet?

Crypto has risen tremendously in value. Being locked out is unfortunately all too common. It is estimated that up to 30% of all cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) has been lost. That has in a big part to do with the fact that Bitcoin had very little value in the past. However, other issues such as forgotten wallet passwords, corrupt wallet files, getting a new computer or phone are common causes as well.

Our services

* We can assist with implementing: Multisig, Security Policy, View Only Wallets, Cold Storage, Paper Wallets and Hardware Wallets. 
** Unfortunately, crypto does not have many proper policies in place for dealing with estate planning, what to do if a wallet owned is deceased? See our article on this (here). It is also possible that you have a legal dispute, or that the exchange is not willing to cooperate. They might be in breach of conduct.

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